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Hi, I’m Margaux!

Orthodontic Dental Assistant
Patient Interactions

It’s my job to perform braces adjustments, conduct preliminary examinations at your check up appointments, and collect records at the end of treatment. I will also help teach you how to care for and clean your braces.

What matters to us

Every orthodontic patient is different, with their own unique needs. My goal is to design an individual treatment plan to help each and every one of my patients to achieve the best possible outcome.

About Margaux

Margaux is a dental assistant at Braces by Berry. After experiencing the impact that orthodontics can have first-hand, she chose to help people in the same way she was helped.

Today, she loves seeing how much orthodontics can help people and truly change lives. Her favorite part of being a dental assistant is seeing the smiles on people’s faces at the end of their treatment.

Getting to know her patients personally is a huge reward for Margaux. She relishes the opportunity to do something new every day and develop deep personal relationships with her patients.

Margaux - Dental Assistant - Braces by Berry

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